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I punched a guy bc he was making rape jokes and one of the things he said was “what’s the difference between yes and no? Nothing” so I asked him if he’d care if I punched him in the face and he said yes but I did it anyway since there’s no difference between yes and no and that’s the story of how I gave someone a bloody nose

Can We All Just Applaud This Person?


Hell to the yeah

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There it is.

This is why Megumi is such a better heroine than Mana, and why she’s so much more genuine.

Whenever asked why she liked helping people, Mana’s main reason always seemed to be that “people thanking her made her feel nice”. She made helping other people about her- not about the people she was trying to “help”.

Megumi is happy when other people are happy- she loves seeing them smile, other people’s happiness is her number one goal and she becomes happy because OTHER people have been made happy.

Mana’s personal selfishness is a plot point, and invoked directly in the series itself. The fact that some people aren’t entirely selfless, and that even LOVE is something selfish, is part of the story. The point is that these things aren’t inherently BAD, and that having some selfish desires isn’t really a terrible thing on its own, is part of Dokidoki’s theme and Mana plays a part in establishing that.

Mana’s selfishness is not a plot point at all.

They don’t even touch on it.

Even in the finale, when she gets her Psyche taken, it just magically turns back to normal without any real solid explanation.

The setup might have been there, but Doki Doki delivered absolutely zero percent on that and spent the entire time having it’s narrative cater to Mana and her desires rather than point out and talk about her own selfish behavior.

They brushed on selfishness not always being inherently bad with Rikka not with Mana. They pretty much didn’t even fucking acknowledge Mana’s selfishness at all, so don’t you try and roll in and convince me that something that didn’t fucking happen did, because I actually remember what I’ve fucking watched.

I can’t even comment on this because I haven’t even finished Doki.  Good points on both ends, though.

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